Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Few A-Ha's from Bergen

GraveLax isn't at all a Yiddish phrase, the eight petaled rose isn't a snowflake, and the term "going beserk" comes from Vikings. A-Ha!
Take On me, take me on.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Blue is the color of...
lupines, and late nights without your luggage. After some tea and toast at the B and B guest house in Keflavik, I showered and went to bed. Some time later I woke up to a loud knock at the door and someone yelling "LUGGAGE". I had no idea what time it was, all my clocks were different.

I try to solidify my plans to leave luggage and go to the blue lagoon. The hotelier is already out and I have trouble communicating well with the woman hugging the towels in her brown arms reaching out of her tank top. So she asks me if I speak Spanish. Si. I understand more Spanish than she does English so we have a great conversation about mi bolsa, y quando yo regressar a casa, etc. I learn that she is Dominican and married to an Icelander. Yet after all that, I changed my plan and decided to take my bags with me and head out for the bus. Just when I think I missed it, it comes down the narrow road and picks me up.

I sit next to a lovely Canadian gal who´s been teaching in Paris and has a short layover on route home before going off to Korea to do the same. She´s 24 and giggly and was a gem of a companion for the Blue Lagoon.

Silica mud reminds me a bit of ponds cold cream, the way my mom used to scoop it out and smear it on my rouged cheeks. Under foot it is squelchy. In some areas of the lagoon pools the substrate is smooth, like glass. All the while the water clarity is so loaded with particulates that visibility is barely 10 cm. We enjoyed the water fall massage, the steam room, and a snack.

It was a pleasant way to relax.

East, to North

I left Seattle in the dark on the fourth of July with fireworks bursting in air below me. The lights from Lake Union and the setting of a sliver of a very red moon popped in the window. Sunrise blushed as we approached Boston. The woman next to me pulled the shade up and said aloud, "Id like to think she wrote this while he slept," and showed me the sharpie love note on her window shade. "Look, More." on the tray it said "in Love with you..."

I do love to travel. It´s been a while since I have had the pleasure of simple serendipity. But it hit me like a heat wave when I landed in Boston early on Tuesday morning. I hopped in the T to the harbor. I don´t really remember the last time I was in Boston, but I do remember going to see the swan boats with Alex Graf when he was living there one summer, must have been 1993 or 1995. Funny how those memories floated back as I exited the T into the heat of summer. I was grateful for the hotel air conditioning as by 7:30 am, it was already over 80 degrees and I was waiting for my dad and grandma to drive up to join me for lunch. I texted my cousin to see if I could buy her a coffee on her way to work. She texted me at 9 or so and we met up in the park near where I was hanging out. Lindsay toured me around her little Italian neighborhood, narrow brick streets, and a brick work detail in the sidewalk known as the freedom trail. We passed Paul Revere´s house and the Old North Church where he famously hung one if by land, two if by sea, not rang some bells as Sarah Palin wanted us to believe.

By then it was time to meet up with Grandma and Dad. Great catch up time, lobster bisque, and a harbor walk. The temps rose to over 90. It was just one in the afternoon. Dad drove me to the airport, and there wasn´t a single person in the security line, so I got right through.

with the red eye flight, the jet lag, and the travel, i was looking forward to some sleep. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the flight to Reykjavik was only 4.5 hours. I caught up on some movies, Black Swan and the King´s Speech and landed before I knew it.

I landed in a luxury of lupines and the horizon-hugging sun at midnight. I later learned that the lupines were introduced to the area for erosion control. Still, I love the blue.

Iceland is a marvelous country. I can say that I wasn´t there long enough, and that I want to go back. I´d like to bring many of you with me

In the nature

Friday, July 01, 2011

Bjork and other music

I remember buying the green cassette tape of Bjork's Sugar Cube's album--Life's too Good. I remember that I loved that album so much, the cassette case got so scratched as I drove around wishing I was "on my bicycle" and that I was more of a punk "delicious demon" than I really was at the start of high school.

I remember hearing the word Iceland as if it was a cold delicious treat.

Soon, I will get the taste.

Thankfully, Bjork's been pouring a little sugar in my bowl for a week or so now, as KEXP's been playing songs off her soon to be released new album, "Biophilia" (the very term which I recently blogged about professionally). Today, the New York Times writes about her work and the Science of Song. Could she be any more my gal?

The NYTimes reports that "from their beginnings, the songs on “Biophilia” had a grand ambition: to unify music, nature (as described by science) and technology."

Sing it!
And maybe boogie a bit with this inspiration from Iceland.